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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Reasons Why People Go Vegan


Reasons Why People Go Vegan

There are various reasons why people go vegan and some of them can be broadly listed as follows:

1. Health reasons

When animals are killed, the meats usually get in contact with blood, feces and other fluids which make the animal food poisonous for consumption. The meats become contaminated with the bacteria known as Campylobacter which has been the great cause of millions of food poisoning in the world making it unfit for human consumption.

Venus Williams the American born Lawn tennis star and Bill Clinton became vegans due to health reasons.

Many doctors today are going vegan because of the adverse effects of meat eating that they have witnessed in the lives of people.

2. Vegan for religious reasons

Some religions do not permit their members to kill and eat animals. The Hindus practicing Hindu religion does not allow the killing of animals.

The Jains follow “Ahimsa” which practices the avoidance of hurting or killing animals and plants. Some other religions today forbid their members from hurting and killing animals.

3. Animal rights 

animalshave a right to live like human beings do too in the world but humans feel animals are lesser than humans and therefore kill them for their consumption. Many Vegans today are fighting for animal rights and the avoidance of torturing animals and killing them.

Donald Watson a British wood worker and his wife Dot who saw and heard the death cry of a Pig on his uncle’s farm was so touched by it that he became a vegan and he helped in the growth of veganism until his death at the age of 95 years.

4.Weight loss

Vegans don’t have to worry about their weight due to the type of food they eat. They are full of energy and are often times well shaped and trimmed.

So, it’s a good decision to take by going vegan if you want to lose weight and look trimmed giving you a nice looking body frames.

Practicing veganism therefore helps you reduce weight and excess fat leaving you vibrant with enough energy.

5.Vegan  for the sake of others

Other also adopted vegan lifestyle due to the influence of vegan people in their lives and some also due to personal reasons best known to them.

Jason Mraz an American singer became a vegan to partner with his band mate whom he wanted to help transit to vegan life.

So you can see the reasons why people become vegans for various reasons.

In case you are interested in becoming a vegan check out the link in the description below for our guide on how to become a vegan and the some vegan recipes to help you prepare vegan meals.

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