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Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Benefits of Veganism

The Benefits Of Becoming A Vegan

I have explained the different types of vegetarians that exist and you can now identify the group you belong or want to partake in. Today I am going to explain some of the great benefits of being or becoming a vegan.

The advantages of becoming a vegan are so many but for the sake of time I will have to pick few points and summarize them so that you’ll be able to know if it is something good for you to practice as an individual or not.

Having been a vegan for years I can vividly tell you some outstanding benefits I have enjoyed and of my friends too. I will also let you know other benefits associated with being a vegan.

Below are some of the benefits:

1. Animal Rights

Animals have a right to live their lives and when we stop killing and butchering them for food, they will start living freely and live longer too. Humans shorten their lives by slaughtering them for food. A colleague of mine went to the abattoir and saw where a cow was about to be killed. The cow was crying and tears running down its cheeks. He was shocked to see such and compared it to a human being in the same situation. That would be the exact thing he would do and from that day my colleague stopped eating meat.

2. Vegans are less likely to fall ill

 I can remember that of the 31 years of my being a vegan I have only fallen ill three times and that was due to the bad water available for drinking at the place my family and I relocated to at the time.

3. Vegans are at a lower risk of developing Cancer 

Meat is a contributory factor to cancer development and by abstaining from eating it you have a lower risk of having it.

4. You are also at a lower risk of having heart diseases. 

5. Many vegans have lean and healthy bodies

This is because they are free from many ill health conditions due to the food they take and their body cells have become rejuvenated and healthier.

6. High spiritual heights

 You as a vegan attain great spiritual height by abstaining from killing and eating meat. So it is of great benefit to become a vegan.

You have heard now the different benefits of living life as a vegan so its up to you to make a choice of the type of life you want to live, I wish you all the best and I hope your dreams come through because you are on the right track.








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